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A Heritage from our ancestor


Rings are one of the most personal and oldest human adornments, evolving in complexity with metalwork techniques and the gemstone trade. Treasures and Talismans: Rings from the Griffin Collection, now at the Cloisters branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, explores over 50 examples of rings from antiquity to the Renaissance, and their significance in love, devotion, and remembering mortality.


Those memento mori rings that date to the Renaissance are among the most spectacular of the Griffin Collection pieces, all on rare view from the private collection in the Cloisters’s stained glass-lined Glass Gallery. One diamond-encrusted skull from 17th century England opens to reveal a small ruby, representing that something beautiful thrives even in death. Another created in 17th-century Germany opens into two parts, with secret compartments on either side holding dual figures: a baby and a skeleton. An inscription reads: “What God has joined together, let no man tear asunder.”


Rings are one of the most personal and oldest human adornments, evolving in complexity with metalwork techniques and the gemstone trade.


Rings remain something of a personal talisman, worn close to the skin, whether a marriage band or something with more personal meaning. A diamond ring from Roman antiquity in the exhibition is not terribly different in its design from contemporary jewelry, although the gem held aloft by the gold structure is raw (cutting techniques came later in the 15th century) and was even more rare with almost all Roman diamonds journeying from India. It’s impossible to know what meaning it and the other rings had for their wearers, but each had some significance in personal identity, whether in celebrating life, or considering death.

The Appearance of Iron Clan Jewelry

Bagoy 'Yeyeyeaaghh'

"Be strong but not rude, be kind but not weak, be bold but not bully, be humble but not timid, be proud but not arrogan, We all have scars, Some of us wear them with Pride."


Head of Jewelry Artist

Chief Sculptor

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Aditya GZ

"Somehow, i just want to create something precious with meaning and story inside them, then wearing them with proud and ambition"


Head of Iron Clan Jewelry

Founding Father

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"Be a fearless bastard"


Photographer & Videographer

Creative Designer

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Essa Wibawa

"Be yourself, without having to compare yourself with others."

"Long Live Rock n Roll"

Chief Production

Metalsmith Artist

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Established in 2015, which at that time there were many enthusiasts of skull jewelry, followed by many emerging new brands that didn't have a concept, they only think to make a profit by making cheap and low quality jewelry. 

Based on that event, Together we created a little jewelry brand, then we called it Iron Clan Jewelry, Iron clan has a great Mission to become a brand that can lift the value of "Dark" jewelry around the world. All of our design is bassicaly from a historical culture, cause we want to lifted the entire diversity of culture and ethnic history in the world, Especially in Indonesia.

Every design that we made is the result of our long research and journey. First, we'll combine our concept idea, Sculpting the Design by handmade technique, Casting into a jewelry, Oxidation, Polishing, and finally, a Finishing Touch.

One thing that makes Iron Clan exclusive is we just produce a jewelry in limited quantities, all of our molds will be destroyed and thrown away after all process completed, we'll not recasting again after the design has been sold out. That's all we do to keep the value of our jewelry and that's why we call our work is a "Limited Jewelry"

All we do is create a precious things with our trully passion and pride.










So here we are, The Iron Clan Jewelry

“Glorius. Glamour. Genus”


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